3 Simple lifestyle choices that support your immunity

Did you know detoxification is recommended during the fall season?

Fall is the best time to enhance immunity and vitality in preparation for the cold winter months that are just right around the corner. But undergoing a detox or cleanse can feel daunting and most people don’t know what to expect. Well, there are easy and simple ways to support your immunity without taking on a strict detox plan.

Lemon and Olive Oil Drink: Simple & Powerful
One of the gentlest and most effective cleansing drinks is a lemon and olive oil mix. It’s easy to prepare and it offers a natural boost by providing support to the liver and gallbladder.

The recipe is easy! Take the pieces of one organic lemon (seeds removed) and blend with about 1¼ cups of spring water, along with 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Strain the contents and drink on an empty stomach each night before bed. You may want to start this dosage at half or one-third and work your way up each night. Many people even find that this refreshing drink improves their sleep, too!

Pre and Probiotics
Replenishing and nourishing beneficial bacteria in the GI tract with pre and probiotics can lead to significant long-term benefits. Recent studies have shown that probiotics directly enhance our immune function as well as the brain’s neurotransmitter activity, along with numerous other health benefits. They are true “friendly flora.”

Treatments and Exercises
The weather may be changing but it’s critical to keep moving! Toxins in the process of being eliminated can get stuck in transit and create further areas of stagnation. For this reason, it’s important to engage in mild to moderate exercise (even just 15 minutes of walking) every day of your cleanse.

In addition, specific treatments that promote the movement of vital energy throughout the body can be very helpful in deepening and enhancing the process. Acupuncture, lymphatic massage, micro-current therapy, homeopathic treatments, infrared saunas, yoga, Qi Gong and breathing exercises are some recommended modalities to support natural detoxification processes.

Set Yourself Up for Success
Any successful cleanse uses herbs and nutrients, along with an unprocessed diet and regular exercise, to help re-balance the body’s innate detoxification functions. But this process doesn’t have to be a chore! By emphasizing fresh, wholesome foods, regular exercise and targeted supplements, you can gradually reduce toxic body burden and support overall health and vitality in the process. Just in time for cold and flu season!

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