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We may be even just a little nutty about it.

Guiding your search for wellness.


Sheila would like to take this page to admit she is a retirement failure. She tried, she really did, but she couldn’t resist the ability to realize seeing a passion come to life – helping improve the health of others.

A Snohomish tradition since 1984, Sheila purchased The Health Spot in January of 2016, and moved it to its current location a few months later where it now resides.

However, no mountain can be moved alone. The Health Spot thrives with the help of its team of excellent employees, who love what they do and are as equally motivated as Sheila to help others find their wellness solutions.

While the shop has seen multiple owners, locations, and even types of health products, its
mission remains the same: warm, welcoming and passionate about wellness.


You’ll find the latest in therapeutic medicines, natural oils, herbs, CBD products, supplements, beauty products, dietary snacks and organic grocery offerings.

At The Health Spot, we make it a priority to constantly seek out the latest and most sought after health products. From Paleo and ketogenic diets, to a full line of homeopathic and even CBD oil for your pets — you’re bound to be pleasantly surprised within in our four walls.

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We’re here to make your life easier, and hopefully, healthier. Visit our shop today.

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