Revitalize and Rejuvenate with a Gentle Spring Cleanse

The spring season represents renewal and restoration, and offers a powerful burst of momentum to help revitalize health. Time-honored healing systems, including Traditional Asian Medicine, have long recognized this potential, harnessing the power of the season with specific practices that enhance vitality and wellness. Central to this approach is a well-designed detox program.

But the benefits of detox aren’t limited to one season. A strategic cleanse can promote long-term health and wellness in a number of ways, by supporting immunity, metabolism, digestion, vital energy and much more.

Despite these benefits, committing to a detox program can seem daunting — but it doesn’t have to be. The truth is, detox can be a gentle, gradual and enjoyable process, when we focus on nourishing foods and effective, research-based supplements. These minor adjustments can make a big difference in our health, vitality and overall wellbeing.

Food Solutions and Sensitivities

The “right” foods can detoxify and heal your body, increase vitality, and add years to your life. But how do you choose wisely when there is so much conflicting information out there?

One important step is identifying potential food allergies. Even someone who eats a “healthy” diet may be increasing inflammation and toxic burden, by eating foods their body is sensitive to.

A nutritionist who specializes in food allergies can test for common sensitivities to foods like dairy, gluten, eggs, soy, peanuts and others.

Another way to test is to follow an elimination diet for two weeks. Cut out common allergy-producing foods such as gluten, dairy, sugar, eggs and soy, and then add each one back in every few days, monitoring for symptoms of sensitivity such as headaches, joint pain, digestive trouble, fatigue and brain fog.

Once we identify the foods that are best for us, we can plan a detox diet with a foundation of nutrient-dense, unprocessed and anti-inflammatory items, like sprouted seeds, nuts and legumes, vegetables and fruits, healthy fats, and lean proteins. Be sure to drink lots of filtered water. Avoid alcohol, sugars, trans fats, caffeine and processed foods.

Brightly colored fruits and vegetables can be particularly good for detox. The same phytonutrient compounds that produce such vivid colors can also support detoxification through numerous mechanisms.

Cruciferous vegetables are excellent choices.  Cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts and others support hormone metabolism, as well as detoxification.

Broccoli in particular provides excellent detox support. One study found that people who consumed broccoli sprouts were more successful at removing the toxic compound benzene from their bodies.

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