Research continues to demonstrate the ample health benefits offered by many nutrient-dense botanicals and functional food items. Loosely defined as foods that offer targeted health effects beyond basic nutrition alone, many of these superfoods are shown to offer critical support for key areas of health, including cardiovascular function, cellular health protection, and other benefits.

Perhaps the most promising data on the health effects of functional foods can be found in the area of cardiovascular health. Numerous published studies show that certain botanicals, spices and superfoods can actively promote healthy cardiovascular function with multi-targeted actions.
For example, a study published in the journal Evidence-Based Alternative & Complementary Medicine investigated the value of traditional Chinese “therapeutic foods” for promoting healthy cardiovascular function. Specifically, the researchers looked at extracts of hawthorn berry and kiwi fruit.

Conducted in Australia, the study separated participants into two groups: one who consumed a powdered extract of hawthorn berry and kiwi, and the other who received a placebo. Results showed that the hawthorn and kiwi group had healthier lipid profiles. In effect, they had moved their heart and circulatory health in the right direction simply by eating targeted, heart-healthy superfoods.

CIRCULATION IS LIFE – There’s an ancient saying in Traditional Asian Medicine, “Where blood flows, Qi follows.” This simple yet profound statement identifies the relationship between healthy circulation and our vital life energy, or Qi. Strong, healthy circulation is important for every organ system, bringing fresh nutrients and removing waste. Simply put, circulation is life.

Hawthorn berry has long been used in traditional Asian approaches to cardiovascular health. Previous published studies on this time-honored therapeutic food have demonstrated hawthorn berry’s role in promoting healthy circulation and cholesterol levels.*

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